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 Mercenary Services Request Form

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Mercenary Services Request Form Empty
PostSubject: Mercenary Services Request Form   Mercenary Services Request Form Icon_minitimeWed Jan 13, 2010 9:12 am

Mercenary Services Request Form

Example for the Request Form:

IGN: Ellis
Quest Type: Dragon Soul
Wlo Time Zone: 13 January 2010 GMT -4 12.00am ( Time Fixed )
My Time Zone: 13 January 2010 GMT +8 12.00pm
Stauts: -Pending-

IGN: Ellis
Quest Type: Class Skill
Wlo Time Zone: 14 January 2010 GMT -4 12.00am
My Time Zone: 13 January 2010 GMT +9 xx.00pm/am
Stauts: -Pending-

I have the money ready, can start anytime.
I will have the money ready by 3-4 days.

Idea If you're not sure that you will be able to save money in time. Don't Post First.

Question Why need to State Wonderland Time Zone & My Time Zone?
Idea So that we are able to track your time & we will try to adjust a time that both parties are online & wide awake.

All mates status will be on Pending UNLESS we confirmed & we will help you change the status to confirmed..
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Mercenary Services Request Form
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