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 Mercenary Services Pte Ltd

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PostSubject: Mercenary Services Pte Ltd   Mercenary Services Pte Ltd Icon_minitimeWed Jan 13, 2010 3:10 am

Mercenary Services Pte Ltd

Guarantee will help you get what you paid for..

Boss: Guild Leader
Assistant: Vice Leader

14% Critical Quest ----- 50xxxx

Rental Service


10k ( 1 day )
20k ( 2 day )
30k ( 3 day )
50k ( 4 day )
60k ( 5 day )
80k ( 6 day )
100k ( 7 day )
110k ( 8 day )
120k ( 9 day )

will slowly add on..
Deposit Fees

SpaceCraft -> 300k

Idea Full Deposit Refund will be made upon receiving Vehicle. Except Rental Fees will not be returned.
Example: SpaceCraft + Rental Fees = 310k
After Receiving Vehicle: 310k - 10k = 300k
Question Why the Rental Fee so expensive?
Idea In-case you off line or vanish & the vehicle still with you at least we got the money to keep us calm.

-No Return the Vehicle within 7 days! The Money will me OURS! No reason accepted.
Unless you want to go according to the Rental Fees & deduct maybe you still can get back some of your money. If exceed the money you paid before, the vehicle is fully yours.

Quest Help Orders ( In Sequence )
Idea Your Time Zone will be stated here once confirmed.

1. Cal -Paid- (Dragon Soul) Time Zone: 13 January 2010 12.00pm <- sample

To Be Continued... Idea
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Mercenary Services Pte Ltd
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