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 Whos Loyal/FaithFul/Banned/Blacklist?

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PostSubject: Whos Loyal/FaithFul/Banned/Blacklist?   Wed Jan 13, 2010 9:55 am

For members who stay in Guild for more than one month, you name will be here!
Once you leave your name will be Gone.. Blacklist OR Banned *DEPENDS*.. Those who are BANNED please DON'T add them back to Guild.

If More than 3 Warnings, Sayonara! (Bye-Bye!)


1. Xiaokai
2. Crappy


1. xxx *BANNED* Warning x 3 -> Reason: Harassing Guildmates
2. xxxx *BLACKLIST* Reason: Irritating Guildmates -> Warning 1
3. xo *BANNED* Warning x 3 -> Reason: Irritating Guildmates

To be continued..
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Whos Loyal/FaithFul/Banned/Blacklist?
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